Santic Dorin Liner Gloves iced surface

Santic Dorin Cycling Liner Gloves Review 2021

This is a review of the Santic Dorin Cycling Liner Gloves, lightweight multi-purpose gloves that work best on chilly spring or autumn days. Santic, a company specialized in making professional

Hiker winter gloves snowy mountain

Best Hiking Gloves of 2020-2021

Solid hiking gloves are an essential piece of handwear for protecting your hands from the elements when traveling in various climates and environments from alpine to cold winter to hot

Mountaineer with hardshell jacket walking through a snowstorm

Best Hardshell Jackets of 2020-2021

Crafted from durable materials, hardshell jackets are your best defense against harsh mountain or winter weather. Utilizing the most advanced and rugged waterproof breathable fabrics by design, hardshells are a

Helly Hansen Phantom 1/2 Zip 2.0

Helly Hansen Phantom 1/2 Zip 2.0 Review 2020

This review is about the Helly Hansen Phantom 1/2 Zip 2.0, advertised as a lightweight, stretch fleece made for an active lifestyle. This versatile piece is recommended as a reliable