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Best women's hiking shorts main

Best Hiking Shorts for Women in 2023

This guide features a review of the top 15 women’s hiking shorts of 2023. We’ve focused on providing concise summaries of each contender, highlighting their main features and characteristics. To

Best hiking shorts main

Best Hiking Shorts for Men in 2023

When the temperature starts to climb, it’s time to ditch the pants and opt for a pair of shorts. They make a great choice for summer and hot weather hiking,

Hiker with convertible hiking pants near lake

Best Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants of 2023

Convertible hiking pants are a great solution for three-season backpacking in changing weather conditions. With the ability to easily switch from pants to shorts and vice versa, they offer a

Winter gloves snowy terrain

How to Choose Cold Weather Gloves and Mittens

Choosing winter gloves and mittens for your needs can be difficult because there are various options making it difficult to orient yourself in the abundance of models, designs, and materials.

Ultimate guide to hiking clothing -Two hikers with hooded jackets near lake

Ultimate Guide to Hiking Clothing

This hiking clothing guide is aimed at explaining the basics. That’s why the guide offers valuable information about hiking outfit essentials, discusses various hiking clothes and their best use, materials, features, proper layering