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Hiker in the wilderness mountains

Lost in the Wilderness: A Survival Guide

Being lost in the wilderness can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. However, staying calm and taking the right steps can help you get out of a difficult situation and

Hiker crossing forest stream

20 Hiking Hazards You Should Be Aware of

Hiking can be very exciting and rewarding, making memories for life. However, you should never forget that nature sometimes can be particularly cruel if you aren’t prepared to meet some

Hiker walking

Foot and Ankle Injuries on the Trail

Most experienced backpackers know that foot and ankle injuries occur quite often on the trail. They usually happen all of a sudden and you don’t have time to avert them.

A group of hikers traversing snow-capped slope

Hiking Essentials: Coping with Various Terrain

Though intuition and luck play a role, wilderness travel along trails, around bush, over snow, and across rivers and streams also requires some specific skills and experience to surmount the