Two hiking belts

Best Hiking Belts of 2021

Experienced outdoorsmen know that for best results on the trail, they need a set of fully matching clothes and accessories. And while some consider the hiking belt as a not-so-important

Hiker with convertible hiking pants near lake

Best Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants of 2021

Three-season backpacking in changing weather requires to switch easily from pants to shorts and vice versa regularly. Various combinations of pants and shorts are possible. But there’s another viable solution

Hiker wearing rain pants walking through puddle

Best Rain Pants for Hiking of 2021

The main aim of this blog post is simple: giving you the most valuable information there is to help you choose the best rain pants for your hiking and backpacking

Santic Dorin Liner Gloves iced surface

Santic Dorin Cycling Liner Gloves Review 2021

This is a review of the Santic Dorin Cycling Liner Gloves, lightweight multi-purpose gloves that work best on chilly spring or autumn days. Santic, a company specialized in making professional