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Bear with cubs in the mountain

Safety Tips for Hiking in Bear Country

Hiking in bear country can be a very enjoyable activity, however, you shouldn’t underestimate the risks and dangers associated with it because nothing guarantees total safety. If you are prepared

Woman hiking with her kid

20 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Plenty of avid outdoorsmen think that their days of hiking are on hold once they become parents. However, there’s a much more viable alternative – they can just bring their

A group of hiking beginners on the trail

10 Hiking Tips for Beginners

“The beginning is always the hardest” – everyone has heard that and although most people agree that it’s true, the majority of us give up before even starting. And why

Frozen lake covered in winter snow

Winter Hiking: 10 Important Pros and Cons

In a series of articles, we exposed some of the dangers associated with winter hiking; we also gave you some valuable tips for having more enjoyable winter hiking trips and,