Onewind Northers 11′ Zipper Double-Layer Camping Hammock Review 2023

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This is a review of the Northers 11′ Zipper Double-Layer Camping Hammock. Made by Onewind Outdoors, a company specializing in making camping-related outdoor gear. The gamma of products they offer includes hammock camping systems (hammocks, tarps, and quilts), ground camping systems (ground mats and survival shelters) as well as various outdoor accessories. The company offers a range of products in the rain gear segment too.

In this review, we will focus on the pros, cons, and features of the Northers 11′ hammock as well as everything else you need to know about this hammock before considering it for your next outdoor adventure.

Let’s get started!

Onewind Northers 11' hammock setup
The hammock is set up between two trees

Quick specs: Onewind Northers 11′ Zipper Double-Layer Camping Hammock

Price: $99.90

Weight: 1284 g (2 lbs 13.3 oz) with the stuffing sack

Weight capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)

Sleeping capacity: 2-person

Dimensions: 11′ x 64″ (335cm x 162cm or 3.35m x 1.62m)

Dimensions (packed): 5.9″ x 11″ (15cm x 28cm)

Material: 100% Synthetic

  • Hammock bed material: 1.7 oz, 40D Nylon (ripstop)
  • Bug net material: Polyester mesh
  • Ridgeline material: UHMWPE

What’s included:

  • Built-in bug net
  • Suspension system
  • Adjustable UHMWPE ridgeline
  • Double-ended stuff sack
  • User manual

Where to get it: Amazon | Onewind

Notable features:

  • 40D nylon ripstop fabric of the hammock bed is strong and durable for a high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The double-layer hammock bed is durable, roomy, and cozy.
  • The camping hammock comes with a dual-sided zipper for easy opening and closing of the bug net.
  • Integrated mesh bug net keeps mosquitos and other creepy crawlies out.
  • Adjustable UHMWPE ridgeline maintains the hammock’s comfortable shape when it’s set up.
  • Two 12′ (single layer) webbing tree straps that make setting up and taking down a breeze.


  • Quick and easy to set up, taking just a few minutes. And the hammock is easy to pack away in its carrying case.
  • Very competitive price – the hammock, bug net, and all other features come at roughly the price of just a bug net.
  • We like the design, plus the overall construction is solid and reliable. Unlike many designs on the market, the Onewind Northers 11′ hammock seems to be of very good quality. The heavy-grade nylon ripstop fabric construction can easily withstand someone whose weight is just short of 100 kg. This hammock’s capacity is rated for up to 500 pounds (about 227 kilograms). Although we’ve never tested it with that much weight, we have no reason to doubt the manufacturer’s claim.
  • Surprisingly comfortable. With this hammock, outdoor relaxation is not just a dream but a reality.
  • Compatible with most sleeping pads. The hammock is designed to work with the most common foam/inflatable sleeping pads, as long as they are up to 55″ wide and 100″ long.
  • The bug net effectively keeps you protected from annoying insects.


  • Some hikers might not be too thrilled as this hammock is a bit on the heavy side for backpacking use. However, that’s because it’s designed mainly for camping. The whole construction is heavier because it is built to withstand the rigor of outdoor use.
  • The ideal distance between the trees should be just right as they should not be too close and not too far apart. Unlike some hammocks that can be set up between closely spaced trees using side suspension, this one is a traditional hammock whose suspension is attached at the ends. We’ve measured the perfect distance between trees, and it’s about 5 meters.
  • Limited weather use unless paired with an underquilt and/or tarp for additional weather protection. If you plan to use it in colder conditions, you’ll need an underquilt for added insulation to stay warm at night. In case of rain, you’ll also need a tarp for weather protection, as the hammock itself doesn’t come with a rainfly.
  • There are no gear pockets for holding small personal items. It is a minor drawback though.
Compact into the stuff sack
It’s easy to pack and store the hammock in its own stuff sack


We received the hammock during the summer and had the opportunity to test it over the last few months. The Onewind Northers 11′ proved to be a well-constructed, reliable, and comfortable hammock – a great companion for outdoor adventures. While it isn’t the lightest option for easy packing, we find this hammock to be a great budget-friendly option suitable for fair-weather camping in nature or in the backyard on its own. It pairs easily with a tarp, inflatable pad, and underquilt for inclement weather conditions.

Interested in learning more about the Northers 11′ hammock? Below, we provide details and insights into its performance.

Detailed review

Material and construction

The hammock bed is crafted from 40D nylon ripstop material, which appears to be quite durable. The hammock bed is double-layered for extra strength. It includes a sleeve for fitting-in a sleeping pad.

The built-in bug net is of high quality. It is crafted from lightweight yet strong polyester mesh. We like the fact that the net is made from extra fine mesh material that feels soft to the touch. What we don’t like that much is that the bug net is not detachable and cannot be fully removed. Thankfully, you can gather the bug net at the foot end of the hammock when not needed. Note that we fully realize that the bug net being an integral part of the hammock can be a significant advantage for some.

The adjustable ridgeline is made from a polymer known as Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). This material has widespread use due to its excellent cut resistance, high wear resistance, and high impact strength. The cinch buckles are made from solid metal.

The webbing straps are not lightweight by any means, but they are constructed from durable nylon or polyester material. Each strap weighs about 150 g (5.3 oz), so their combined weight is approximately 300 g (10.6 oz). This weight is a quarter of the total packed weight of the hammock, including the bed, net, straps, and everything else in the stuff sack.

We like the design because it is simple yet effective. Overall, the construction seems sturdy thanks to the durable and abrasion-resistant materials as well as the fairly strong stitching. We haven’t encountered any issues so far. As for long-term durability, only time will tell.


The hammock is packed in its own stuff sack that compresses it and keeps it fairly compact and easy to store. The double-ended stuff sack has drawstrings and cord locks at both ends for easy tightening. What’s more, this design helps set up your hammock without it ever touching the ground. When packed, the size is 5.9″ x 11″ (15 cm x 28 cm).


Setting up and taking down the hammock is fast and simple. However, there is a gentle learning curve. While it’s easy to set up the hammock, it’s helpful to review the setup instructions and watch a couple of videos to understand how to do it properly.

Strap is connected to the metal buckle
Connecting each strap to the metal buckle is simple, but it’s important to do it correctly

If you want, you can easily add an inflatable or foam sleeping pad for more comfort and back insulation. The hammock has a sleeping pad sleeve for this purpose. There are no specific recommendations by Onewind for the type or size of the sleeping pad as any pad up to 55″ wide and 100″ long should be compatible. If you want to attach an underquilt, there are plastic hooks sewn to the sides of the hammock for this purpose. These hooks will secure the suspension of your underquilt to the hammock reducing the likelihood of slipping.

The webbing straps and metal buckles work well. The straps are specifically designed to protect the bark of the trees as each tree-friendly strap is approximately 12 feet long and 1 inch wide, making it suitable for various tree sizes.

Setting up the hammock is straightforward, as we’ve mentioned several times. Just find two trees approximately 5 meters (16 feet) apart. We’ve found this distance to be ideal through trial and error. While this is the perfect distance, you can set up the Northers 11′ to trees that are a bit closer or farther apart. Next, wrap the tree straps around each tree, and connect each strap to the metal buckle as shown in the image above. Finally, secure the loose ends of the straps using the elastic keeper. The recommended distance from the bottom of the hammock is 15-50 centimeters (6-20 inches) off the ground.

The ridgeline adds to the simplicity of the sleep system, helping the hammock hold a comfortable shape when it’s set up. While it may seem a bit confusing at first, it’s actually easy to adjust. You just need a bit of time to figure it out well enough. Our recommendation is to watch this video a couple of times and you should be fine adjusting it.

Ridgeline is adjusted
Adjusting the ridgeline is easy once you watch the dedicated video

The mosquito net gives complete coverage from head to toe. It can be adjusted by zipping and unzipping it from either side of the hammock. What we like the most about the net is that it actually works at keeping the bugs away without restricting airflow. Note that you’ll need some practice to learn how to operate the zippers smoothly without any issues. And a piece of advice: when a zipper is stuck on the net, don’t push hard to release it as this can tear a hole in the bug net.

Entry and exit

The most challenging part of using most hammocks is getting in. As the setup hammock tends to swing side to side, it’s best to move slowly and sit down in the center.  This makes lying down much easier. Getting out is simpler – just reverse your entry steps. If you have removed your shoes before getting into the hammock, you can place your feet into your shoes before standing up completely.

Comfort and sleeping

When choosing a hammock, one of the most important factors to consider is sleeping comfort. Luckily, this hammock provides great sleeping comfort. We prefer sleeping on the ground and in that sense have never been huge fans of hammocks. But this one turned out to be surprisingly comfortable and we may actually become part of the hammock community.

Once you set up the hammock, it feels stable and secure. There’s no sense that it won’t keep you in place, whether you’re using it for the entire night or during the day. The sleeping area is spacious enough for a relatively big guy whose height and weight are 186 cm (or 6’1″) and 98kg (or 216 lbs) respectively.

The bug net is a huge plus. As mentioned earlier, it’s made of an extra-fine mesh making the net impenetrable for mosquitos and other bugs that might try to ruin your comfort. There are no openings that can be used by mosquitos to get in.

If you want increased protection from rain, sun, and wind, we recommend adding a tarp. It is an integral part of the experienced outdoor lover’s hammock sleeping system. Onewind provides several options including this 12′ tarp.

Inside the hammock
A look inside the hammock (through the fine mesh bug net)


The price of hammocks varies a lot depending on factors like the model, brand, materials, build quality, weight, features, and intended use. Typically, high-quality hammocks cost above $200. The price range is wide as they can range in price from about $100 to $300 or more.

One of the most obvious advantages of the Onewind Northers 11′ hammock is its affordable price. But that’s not all. In terms of quality, this hammock surpasses most, if not all, competitors in its price range. No doubt, there are better models on the market but they can cost 2.5 to 3 times as much as the Onewind Northers 11′, and we are not sure that these high-end models are 2.5-3 times as good as this hammock. So when considering both price and quality, this hammock has a great price-to-quality ratio.


The Onewind Northers 11′ Zipper Double-Layer Camping Hammock has a lot to offer even if you are not on a tight budget. Other than the competitive price, it’s reliable and surprisingly comfortable and has a streamlined design without unnecessary hi-tech features.

This hammock easily balances comfort, weight, and price and is an excellent option for camping or outdoor relaxation. We really like this hammock and highly recommend it.


Disclaimer: Onewind Outdoors provided the author with a sample hammock for this review.


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