Gear Review: Unveiling the Versatility of OneTigris ARMOR ZERO/ONE Phone Pouch

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This review is about OneTigris ARMOR ZERO/ONE Phone Pouch, a horizontal tactical phone holster designed for secure storage and quick access to a smartphone. OneTigris is a company that manufactures some of the most impressive tactical pouches and accessories available. As an outdoor and tactical gear manufacturer, they know how important durability and functionality are in the field. Hence, when buying their product, you can expect nothing less than an all-around product crafted to rigorous standards.

The ARMOR ZERO/ONE is supposed to be a high-quality tactical phone holster with a quick-release buckle that’s well-suited to fit and protect most modern smartphones. Hence, we decided to test it and see how it performs in real-world scenarios and whether it lives up to its advertised features.

For the full review and detailed specifications of this phone pouch, discover what we’ve found about this product in the text below. It will hopefully assist you in making an informed decision on whether to consider this accessory to enhance your everyday carry.

OneTigris ARMOR ZERO/ONE horizontal phone holster front
With this phone holster, carrying your phone securely is guaranteed

Quick specs: OneTigris ARMOR ZERO/ONE Horizontal Phone Pouch

Price: $19.00

Weight: 157 g (5.54 oz) for the ARMOR ONE; 105 g (3.7 oz) for the ARMOR ZERO

Material: 1000D Nylon

Dimensions: 16.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 4 cm (6.5″ x 3.7″ x 1.6″) for the ARMOR ONE version; 16.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 2 cm (6.5″ x 3.7″ x 0.8″) for the ARMOR ZERO version

Belt loop fits: Up to 2.25″ (5.7 cm) wide belt

Where to get it: Amazon

Notable features:

  • Durable, water, and abrasion-resistant 1000D nylon material with double-stitched stress points.
  • Padded, felt-lined interior designed to protect the screen from damage. Stiffened front and back of the main compartment for added protection.
  • High-quality UTX-Duraflex buckles for low sound closure and robust YKK zippers.
  • Main compartment accommodates up to 6-something-inch smartphones. One anti-theft concealed zippered compartment. One larger, zippered compartment (ARMOR ONE only) for secure storage of small items.
  • High-strength nylon webbing and thread. MOLLE compatibility.
  • Loop panel at the front for patches.


  • Robust construction made from durable 1000-denier nylon material. The rugged fabric and heavy-duty materials ensure it can withstand wear and tear in challenging environments.
  • Excellent design, featuring top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Key materials used for crafting the ARMOR ZERO/ONE include the UTX-Duraflex buckle, YKK zippers with zipper pulls, durable nylon straps on the back, and a padded soft felt inner lining protecting the screen from damage.
  • Convenient and versatile phone holster for carrying and protecting your cell phone during all your outdoor activities, travel, or everyday use.
  • Offers versatile attachment options, including MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatibility, secure straps, and a 2.5″ belt sleeve.
  • Competitive price and budget-friendly. Priced at roughly half the cost of other similar designs.


  • The user will need some time to become accustomed to operating the buckle for quick phone access. While secure and easy to operate, mastering its use requires some practice.
  • Not suitable for larger smartphones. The holster accommodates a 5.5-inch smartphone with a case easily. Elastic retention straps at both ends allow for fitting larger screens, up to 6.3-6.4 inches.
  • No silent access to the phone; the quick-release buckle ensures a fairly quiet closure, but it’s not as quiet as a magnetic closure.
Showing the holster during winter hiking
Using this holster is easy, even when wearing gloves during a winter hiking trip


We acquired this horizontal phone holster at the beginning of the year and tested it on multiple occasions throughout 2023.

The OneTigris ARMOR ZERO/ONE is an exceptionally convenient tactical phone holster that proves to be durable, reliable, functional, and easy to use once you get the hang of operating the buckle with just one hand. Undoubtedly, it is also budget-friendly, with close competitors often priced at roughly double the market value. But that’s not what impressed us the most. The durability, functionality, reliability, and protection it offers convinced us to use it frequently during hiking, travel, and EDC.

If interested in learning more, we provide additional information below about its pros, cons, features, and everything else you might want to know about this phone holster.

Detailed review

Material and construction

Crafted from water and abrasion-resistant 1000D nylon material, the ARMOR ZERO/ONE is an impressive phone holster that won’t disappoint you during outdoor walks or missions. The nylon material is not only durable but also resistant to abrasion. Double stitching is applied to potential stress points, reinforcing the overall construction.

The UTX-Duraflex buckle is a high-end plastic fastener capable of enduring the passage of time and exposure to the elements, all while delivering exceptional grip. It’s easy to use once you learn how to operate it properly. While it requires some practice, the process is straightforward, so there’s no need to worry. We consider the buckle a much better solution than a velcro closure over the long term as it’s more durable, secure, and produces less noticeable sound. It’s also easier to tighten or loosen the buckle to accommodate variations in phone size or additional accessories.

Phone pouch front view
This phone pouch seamlessly combines functionality with style

The YKK zippers are high-quality, strong, and user-friendly. Each YKK zipper comes with a zipper pull making it easy to use even with gloves on. These zippers allow for smooth and reliable operation. Designed to withstand frequent use and resist wear and tear over time, they provide a high level of strength and security.

The overall design is thoughtful and effective. The construction is well-made and we have no complaints whatsoever. Each of the ARMOR ZERO and ARMOR ONE has a main compartment with a padded soft inner lining, along with an anti-theft concealed zippered pocket. The ARMOR ONE has an additional zippered pocket just behind the main compartment. You can find more details about these features, as well as the differences between the two versions, in the ‘Features and functionality‘ section below.

The phone holster has proven to be very durable on both day hikes and multi-day trips, giving us confidence in its future performance.

Weight, size, and dimensions

The ARMOR ONE is billed 145 g (5.12 oz), however, we measured it to be 157 g (5.54 oz) in reality. The ARMOR ZERO is approximately 105 g (3.7 oz).

The dimensions of the ARMOR ONE and ARMOR ZERO are the same – 16.5 cm x 9.5 cm (6.5″ x 3.7″) – except for the thickness. The former is twice as thick as the latter – 4 cm (1.6″) versus 2 cm (0.8″). The difference comes from the presence of a hind pocket. It adds 50% to the weight of the ARMOR ONE in comparison to the ARMOR ZERO phone holster.

Each of the versions is appropriately sized to fit most contemporary phone models. We use it with a 5.5-inch phone in a case, however, it can take a larger phone like most iPhones or even a bigger one with up to 6.3-inch or 6.4-inch screen size (without a bulky/thick protective case). Just for reference for those with bigger phones, this phone holster is not fit for 6.7-inch cellphones.

When not in use, the holster can be stored in an internal compartment of a backpack or a side pocket for fast access.

Features and functionality

This phone pouch is practical, and its features are useful. Here’s what you can expect:


ARMOR ONE has an additional zippered pocket
The extra zippered pocket on ARMOR ONE is handy for use as an improvised wallet

Both versions, ARMOR ZERO and ARMOR ONE, come with an anti-theft zippered pocket. It becomes visible when you open the main compartment and is perfect for storing coins and bills. There’s a gusset at one end to allow for larger items.

The main compartment is padded and felt-lined for added protection from anything that could damage the phone screen. It’s secured with a quick-release buckle and is spacious enough to fit a smartphone with 5.5 or 6-something-inch screen (we estimate it can handle a larger phone with a screen up to 6.3″-6.4″). Although the compartment has stretch panels at the ends, it cannot fit phones with much larger screens, for example, 6.7 inches.

Let’s tell the difference between the ARMOR ONE version and the ARMOR ZERO version. The former has an additional compartment compared to the latter – a zippered space located behind the main phone compartment. That’s why its thickness is double the size of the ARMOR ZERO’s. The guys from OneTigris describe this compartment as a “hind compartment for holding another phone or a power bank”. Certainly, it can accommodate another cellphone, a power bank or other small items; however, most of the time, we prefer using it as a wallet. It is spacious enough to accommodate bills, plus there are three slots for credit/debit cards. The double-ended zips allow for versatile opening and closing, and they come with zipper pulls for added convenience.

MOLLE compatibility

The MOLLE compatibility makes it easy to clip the holster onto your gear. You can quickly and securely attach it to belts, waistbands, pockets, vests, or backpacks. Practical and easy to attach and detach, it ensures a reliable and stable attachment point without compromising mobility.

The sturdy nylon webbing and thread of the MOLLE system on the holster are durable enough to handle the challenges of outdoor or tactical use. It can fit belt loops up to 2.25″ (5.7 cm) in size.

Belt sleeve

We appreciate the idea of including a 2.5″ belt sleeve. This enables a quick and easy attachment of the holster to your belt by threading it through the belt sleeve. You can use a standard 1.25″-1.5″ belt, a tactical belt like the MGear MultiBelt Pro (its width is 4.4 cm or 1.75″) or any other belt up to 2.5″ to ensure a snug and stable attachment.

Back view of the phone pouch
You can choose how to attach it to your belt and gear

Loop panel

There is a loop panel at the front, split in two by the nylon strap holding the buckle. This panel can be used for morale patches and name patches. We measured the size of each of the two parts to be 6 x 3 inches (2.4″ x 1.2″) for the upper part and 5.5 x 3 cm (2.4″ x 1.2″) for the part beneath. While the idea for placing a loop panel at the front of the holster isn’t bad per se, we find the size of each panel too small for practical use. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can attach your patch or even a couple of patches there – one on each side.


The ARMOR ZERO version comes at less than 20 bucks – $18.98 to be exact. This is not only a very competitive price but considerably lower when compared to other high-quality nylon phone holsters with similar features. Take the Maxpedition 4.5″ phone holster, for instance. This holster is crafted from durable 1000D nylon material and is designed vertically to accommodate anything that’s 4.5″ or less. Comes with Maxpedition’s heavy-duty spring steel clip pre-installed for quick and secure attachment to gear. Cheaper options like the AH Military Horizontal, while popular, are no match for the quality and reliability offered by the ARMOR ZERO/ONE phone holster in rough environments.


While each phone holster ensures that the phone is within easy reach, allowing users to quickly answer calls, check messages, or use the phone without fumbling through pockets, the OneTigris ARMOR ZERO/ONE phone holster is more than that. It is a tough, durable, functional, and reliable holster that’s well-suited for use during all your indoor or outdoor activities. It’s also designed with utility and versatility in mind, allowing you to easily operate the buckle and zips. You can even switch the phone holster between different belts, making it adaptable for various outfits or gear setups. The convenient closure mechanisms for each pocket are secure and easy to operate providing quick on-the-go access to your phone.

While we fully recommend this phone holster, we should remind you to make sure that the holster is designed to fit your specific phone model (with or without a case) to avoid any compatibility issues or inconveniences.

We like both the idea and execution, and we believe that this horizontal phone holster will make an excellent addition to the gear selection of every outdoor enthusiast.


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