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Woods in snowy winter

Winter Hiking: 7 Dangers You Should Be Aware of

Wilderness travel in winter conditions requires different knowledge, skills, and abilities than summer hiking so it is safe to assume that what works for the latter often may not work for

Man wearing fleece hoodie

Fleece and Fleece Jackets

Fleece is a durable and versatile man-made fabric – an important part of the contemporary clothing industry. A fleece top can be used during cool days as an outer layer

Frozen lake covered in winter snow

Winter Hiking: 10 Important Pros and Cons

In a series of articles, we exposed some of the dangers associated with winter hiking; we also gave you some valuable tips for having more enjoyable winter hiking trips and,

Woman hiker in winter jacket

Layering for Hiking Clothing Explained

Hiking and backpacking provide people with an opportunity to escape the stressful daily city life and explore natural landmarks – mountains, hills, canyons. Most amateur hikers need only a pack,

Physically fit hiker on hill

7 Features of a Good Hiker

Every year, first-time hikers set off along the trail unfit, ill-equipped, and with unrealistic expectations. However, you needn’t be a beginner hiker to make silly mistakes on the trail. What

Natural landscape in Arizona

Six Basic Rules for Low-Impact Hiking

As an avid hiker, you should be familiar with some basic rules for proper behavior on the trail. You can’t just put on a pair of hiking shoes and do

Summer hiking tips

Five Golden Rules for Summer Hiking

The summertime is a popular time for most people to see some of the natural wonders. Unfortunately, many of these places are located in remote areas that experience intense heat.

Forest hikers in the summer

Best Footwear for Summer Hiking

Summertime is a special time for so many hikers and backpackers. Everyone hits the trail in the pursuit of making memories that are worth remembering and sharing with friends and