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Man wearing fleece hoodie

Fleece and Fleece Jackets

Fleece is a durable and versatile man-made fabric – an important part of the contemporary clothing industry. A fleece top can be used during cool days as an outer layer

Woman hiker in winter jacket

Layering for Hiking Clothing Explained

Hiking and backpacking provide people with an opportunity to escape the stressful daily city life and explore natural landmarks – mountains, hills, canyons. Most amateur hikers need only a pack,

Two green sleeping bags in a tent

Sleeping Bags – Types and Features

You’ve probably heard that your shelter, your sleep system, and your pack constitute the Big Three. If you want to significantly reduce your pack weight, you’d probably want to start

Sleeping pad next to a tent in nature

Sleeping Pads – Types and Features

You can sleep directly on the ground in your bag but you’ll lose heat to the cold ground. Forget about comfort and a good night’s sleep. Many people think they

Summer hiking tips

Five Golden Rules for Summer Hiking

The summertime is a popular time for most people to see some of the natural wonders. Unfortunately, many of these places are located in remote areas that experience intense heat.

Man hiking alone near mountain

Solo Hiking – Pros, Cons, and Dangers

Plenty of people enjoy hiking and many of them, male and female, prefer to hike solo. Though rewarding, solo hiking can be risky too thus you need to know not

Man walking in winter

Properties of Cold Weather Hiking Clothing

The winter’s coming and it’s again that time of the year when every outdoor enthusiast should be prepared for the challenges of cold weather. It’s true that winter conditions vary